Issue 01

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Stranger Magazine - Issue One - October 2004

Hello Stranger!

Art Directed by Kyn and Cai Taylor
Cover by Adam Lowe

Included in this issue:

  • Fresher's Fayre - Paul Abbitt's photographic take on Cornwall's shiny new university campus
  • Land of Saints film director Lee Evans on his beautiful tale of Cornish surfing
  • Radio-rage and the Cornish youth radio uprising
  • Surfers Against Sewage - Britain's coolest environmental pressure group
  • Dave Rastovich interview
  • High Times - a look at the changing attitude towards marijuana
  • Legends of the Badlands - the surf scene in St.Agnes, Cornwall
  • Strangers Return - why Cornwall's youth are beating a path back home
  • The revolutionary mobile skatepark scheme at Kerrier District Council
  • Crude Food - the truth about where your food comes from
  • Cornish pop-rock savants Thirteen Senses

Contributors include:

Rich Beach, Oliver Berry, Ash Dosanjh, Lee Evans, Helen Gilchrist, Will Gilchrist, Glyn Griffiths, Chris Hines, Clare Howdle, Hayley Spurway, Jim Michell, Chris Nelson, Michelle Stiles, Matt Wilkinson

Paul Abbitt, Lee Evans, Mike Greenslade, Jes Hunt, Ross Imms, Adam Lowe, Naki, Em Prové, Swiftie, Demi Taylor, Paul Willoughby