Issue 09

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Stranger Magazine - Issue Nine - April 2006 

Risky business

Art Directed by A-Side Studio
Cover by Paul Willoughby

Included in this issue:

  • Short story by Kira Cochrane
  • Peter James Field strip
  • Bare Necessities - alternative solutions to getting a roof over your head
  • The Rite Stuff - investigating paganism in Cornwall
  • Spring Clean - photo essay by Owen Buggy
  • How fair is fairtrade?
  • Driftwood Skateboards interview
  • The world according to The Zutons
  • Cover to Cover - 'Sunshine of your Love', from Hendrix to the Hoxtons
  • Bar Wars - The changing shift in our night time habits
  • Food for Thought - Fink interview
  • Sam Bleakley explores the rhythm of surfing
  • Rhythm of the Tides - how the ebb and flow shapes surf
  • Folio: Paul Willoughby
  • Skate: the forgotten art of pumping

Contributors include:

Richard Barker, Oliver Berry, Sam Bleakley, Kira Cochrane, Dan Crockett, Brett Ellis, Michael Fordham, Helen Gilchrist, Glyn Griffiths, Clare Howdle, Pete Isaac, Tristan Jago, Niki Khoroushi, Hayley Lawrence, Lotte Mahon, Kingsley Marshall, Pinks, Poppy Pritchard, Jim Pyett, Joe Roke, Michelle Stiles, Matt Wilkinson

Richard Auden, Owen Buggy, Dawn Brown, John Eldridge, Peter Field, Flatliner, Zander Grinfield, Clare Howdle, Anna Lewis, Adam Lowe, Kirstin Prisk, Lowenna Rich, Chris Sheppard, Von, Paul Willoughby, VJ Woof