Issue 13

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Stranger Magazine - Issue Thirteen - February 2007


Art Directed by A-Side Studio
Cover by Si Scott

Included in this issue:

  • The Curse of the Number Stations - a whole new world of espionage, cryptology and addiction
  • Love Hates - pinhole photography by Clive Egginton
  • The Truth is Out There - the Cornwall UFO Research Group
  • Secrets of the Ocean Deep
  • The Earlies and Baker Brothers interview
  • Hide and Seek - hidden extras on your favourite CDs and DVDs
  • The Godfather is Dead - James Brown R.I.P
  • The Mind's Eye - empty waves and surfing solitude
  • Hidden in the Attic - Jonny Trunk on classic surf soundtracks
  • The Dude Abides - Emmett Malloy and the man behind the camera
  • The lesser-known talents of snowboarder Ewan Wallace
  • Folio: Sanderson Bob

Contributors include:

Oliver Berry, Marcus Chapman, Clive Egginton, Michael Fordham, Luke Friend, Helen Gilchrist, Glyn Griffiths, Zander Grinfeld, Clare Howdle, Lotte Mahon, Kingsley Marshall, Pinks, Jim Pyett, Joe Rorke, Michelle Stiles, Cai Taylor, Jonny Trunk, Matt Wilkinson

Sanderson Bob, Dawn Brown, Zoe Crawford, Rose Darling, Clive Egginton, Zander Grinfield, Greg Martin, Emmett Malloy, Erin Petson, Nick Radford, Kerry Roper, Si Scott, Cai Taylor, Kyn Taylor, Sam Wall