Issue 11

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Stranger Magazine - Issue Eleven - September 2006

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Art Directed by A-Side Studio
Cover by Marcus Oakley

Included in this issue:

  • Breaking Point - irritating TV ads
  • Future Creative - launching the Stranger Awards to celebrate new creative talent
  • Meeting Immodesty Blaize, the Queen of British Burlesque
  • Write to Reply - why it pays to complain
  • Light Fantastic - photo essay by Trent Mitchell
  • Natural Thinking - shining the light on green design
  • The Black Keys interview
  • Gliding and sliding with music man Ray Barbee
  • Cover to Cover - 'My Sharona', from Frank Zappa to Dubya's iPod
  • Caned and Able - Do you have to be off your head to be a creative genius?
  • Cultural Tide - surf culture flows like water
  • East of Eden - a Cornish filmmaker's adventures surfing Japan
  • The Long and Short of it - Robyn Davies and Belinda Baggs swap boards
  • Folio: Jim Phillips
  • High Art - The Side Effects of Urethane and skateboarding in museums

Contributors include:

Christiaan Bailey, Katie Barton, Robyn Davies, Michael Fordham, Luke Friend, Helen Gilchrist, Glyn Griffiths, Zander Grinfeld, Katie Hill, Clare Howdle, Pete Isaac, Hayley Lawrence, Lotte Mahon, Hope Mason, Kingsley Marshall, Chris Nelson, Pinks, Joe Roke, Michelle Stiles, Matt Wilkinson

Christiaan Bailey, Dawn Brown, Justin DeGarmo, Miranda Driscoll, Katie Evans, Zander Grinfield, Hennie Haworth, Benjamin Heath, Tez Humphreys, Greg Martin, Lance Mountain, Trent Mitchell, Estelle Packer, Dane Peterson, Jim Phillips, Von, Sam Wall, Wig Worland