Issue 03

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Stranger Magazine - Issue Three - March 2005

Straight talking

Art Directed by Kyn and Cai Taylor
Cover by Paul Willoughby

Included in this issue:

  • Pissing in the Wind: Stranger talks to controversial environmentalist James Lovelock about why sustainable energy isn't enough
  • Current Affair - playwright Nike Darke on fishing, filming, and wrecking on the Cornish coast
  • Continental Drift? - the changing licencing laws: a cultural shift or one almighty piss up?
  • Tomorrow, The World! - Cornwall's burgeoning music scene
  • Come Fly With Me - hard-hitting facts about flying and global warming
  • Horizons New - Stranger talks to soulful surf strummer Jack Johnson
  • Bonkers for Bootlegs - Cornwall's burgeoning scissor-happy bootleg scene
  • Drum Home - interview with percussion maestro Jon Kennedy
  • Sliding By - Stranger talks to masterful blues guitarist Martin Harley
  • Raw Funk - how genre benders Little Barrie are rewriting the recording rule book
  • The Reel Deal - the fall and the rise of Cornwall's filmmaking industry
  • The Search is Dead - Long Live the Search! - Michael Fordham on the green surfer paradox
  • The Godfather - Tom Blake and the Voice of the Atom
  • The Far Shore Found - Kevin Naughton and Craig Peterson's documentation of the surfing frontier
  • Clean Tripping - top surf spots on Kernow's doorstep, for chargers with a green conscience
  • Magic Rollin' Board - sweet reminiscences about becoming a skateboarder

Contributors include:

Rich Beach, Oliver Berry, Daniel Crockett, Michael Fordham, Helen Gilchrist, Glyn Griffiths, Clare Howdle, Hayley Spurway, Kingsley Marshall, Mat Perham, James Roberts, Jamie Smith, Michelle Stiles, Dave Waller, Matt Wilkinson

John Eldridge, Mike Greenslade, Adam Lowe, Kate Mockford, Craig Peterson, Matt Pontin, Em Prové, Alex Rowse, Swiftie, Paul Willoughby, Victoria-Jane Woof