Issue 02

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Stranger Magazine - Issue Two - December 2004

Seconds out...

Art Directed by Kyn and Cai Taylor
Cover by Chrissie MacDonald

Included in this issue:

  • In For The Kill - the raging debate around hunting
  • Rising Tides - global warming seeping into our daily reality
  • Thomas Campbell's Sprout and the future of wave riding
  • 22-20 Vision - interview with Indie-rockers The 22-20s
  • Quantic's Leap - Catching up with Quantic on the eve of the Jelly Jazz Christmas party
  • Punk Antics - interview with The Paddingtons
  • Lethal Cocktails - the disturbing truths about drink spiking
  • Natural Exposure - photo essay by Cai and Kyn Taylor
  • New Fish To Fry: twin keeled fish surfboards and the future of progressive surfing
  • Brand New Heavies - Stranger drools over, chuckles and pays respect to 50 years of surf graphics
  • Kneel to the Underground - kneeboarding and the return of a surf subculture
  • Sofa Surfing - a skater's guide to dossing down 

Contributors include:

Rich Beach, Oliver Berry, Daniel Crockett, Michael Fordham, Helen Gilchrist, Glyn Griffiths, Clare Howdle, Pete Isaac, Hayley Spurway, Kingsley Marshall, Cymbeline Moore, Michelle Stiles, Dave Waller, Matt Wilkinson

Dawn Brown, Nathan Coombe, Arran Hawkins, Ross Imms, Adam Lowe, Matt McIvor, Spencer Murphy, Em Prové, Alex Rowse, Swiftie