Issue 07

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Stranger Magazine - Issue Seven - December 2005

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Art Directed by A-Side Studio
Cover by Craig Metzger

Included in this issue:

  • Jon Burgerman's strip
  • Short story by Gwendoline Riley
  • For Love or Money - the art of the soundtrack
  • The Course of True Love - abstinence and the latest trend in youth culture
  • Waste Not Want Not - Freeganism and the truth about food waste in the UK with Tristram Stuart
  • Black Magic - the musical wizardry of Jim Noir
  • A Bite of the Apple -  iTunes and the future of music download
  • Many Hands - Stranger talks to multi-instrumentalist surfing octopus Xavier Rudd
  • The White Buffalo - interview with timeless Californian musician Jacob Smith 
  • True Players - RSL and their unlikely origins
  • Cover to Cover - Light my Fire, from Jim Morrison to Will Young
  • In for the Kill - Rock four-piece Easykill on making their move on the national music scene
  • Curiouser and Curiouser - Newquay's answer to Indiana Jones
  • Man and Machine - the craftsmen shaping the face of 21st century surfing
  • Surf showdown - Robyn Davies, Sam Bleakley, Jack Johns and friends explore the different aspects of waveriding
  • Folio: Craig Metzger
  • Run to the Hills - Grime scene skating

Contributors include:

Antonia Atha, Rich Beach, Tim Burrows, Dan Crockett, Luke Friend, Helen Gilchrist, Glyn Griffiths, Zander Grinfield, Clare Howdle, Pete Isaac, Hayley Lawrence, Lotte Mahon, Kingsley Marshall, Pinks, Gwendoline Riley, Joe Rorke, Michelle Stiles, Hannah White, Matt Wilkinson

Paul Anderson, Jamie Bott, Jon Burgerman, Nathan Coombe, Ross Holden, Zander Grinfield, Becky Joiner, Paul Karalius, Hayley Lawrence, Anna Lewis, Craig Metzger, Moonwalker, Kirstin Prisk, Em Prove, Nick Radford, Lisa Rowse, Demi Taylor, Von, Victoria-Jane Woof