Issue 15

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Stranger Magazine - Issue 15 - Summer 2007

Mighty tempted

Art Directed by A-Side Studio
Cover by The Art Dump

Included in this issue:

  • Burnin' Rubber - San Francisco's fixed-gear bicycle culture and why it's about to explode on the global scene
  • Web of Desire - the temptation of cyberspace, technology and human desire
  • Concrete Dreams - photographer Rich Gilligan captures the lure of the empty skatepark
  • Amy Winehouse interview
  • Hot Chip and Hot Club de Paris
  • On a Green Trip - a Stranger guide to getting away while staying green
  • American Pie - film director Wong Kar Wai's Hollywood temptation
  • The Outside from Inside - swell chasing with top British surf photographer and filmmaker Mickey Smith
  • Lead us not into Temptation - big waves, broken boards and the devil
  • Folio: The Art Dump - Larson, Jenkins and Meuller

Contributors include:

Paul Abbitt, Paul Anderson, Jamie Brisick, Carlos Burle, Kezia Clark, Bob Cooper, Lauren Faulkner, Ambrose Fischer, Luke Friend, Helen Gilchrist, Rich Gilligan, Glyn Griffiths, Ben Howard, Steph Kessell, Lotte Mahon, Kingsley Marshall, Gareth May, Nick Radford, Joe Rorke, Mickey Smith, Laura Snapes, Matt Wilkinson

Paul Abbitt, Paul Anderson, Dawn Brown, Terence Chin, Zoe Crawford, Lauren Faulkner, Finisterre, Helen Gilchrist, Rich Gilligan, Andy Jenkins, Luke Kellett, Steph Kessell, Tony Larson, Chris Mannell, Mike Martin, Gabe Morford, Andy Meuller, Simon Peplow, Nick Purser, Nick Radford, Mickey Smith, Sam Wall, Lauren Williams