Issue 14

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Stranger Magazine - Issue 14 - Spring 2007

And so it began

Art Directed by A-Side Studio
Cover by A-Side Studio

Included in this issue:

  • Peter James Field strip
  • Fast Food Nation - Eric Schlosser gives food for thought
  • Photo Essay: first summit climb, Yosemite National Park by Tom Frost and Ken Yager
  • Banned - an investigation into the strange world of banning things
  • A Brave New World - people pioneering environmental solutions
  • Bring the Beat Back - beatboxing and hip-hop culture
  • The humble beginnings of the vinyl record
  • Really Sayin' Something - female artists on fire
  • The secret history of The Libertines by Matt Wilkinson
  • The Original Jazz Messenger - pioneering DJ Paul Murphy
  • Going AWAL - the original internet music company
  • Mr Big Stuff - Laird Hamilton interview
  • A Simple Joy - the forgotten stoke of bodysurfing
  • Folio: Aaron Rose

Contributors include:

Dan Crockett, Ambrose Fischer, Luke Friend, Helen Gilchrist, Glyn Griffiths, Tim Hill, Lotte Mahon, Kingsley Marshall, Chris Nelson, Pinks, Nick Radford, Joe Rorke, Aaron Rose, Jim Pyett, Joe Rorke, Michelle Stiles, Matt Wilkinson, Ken Yager

Jenny Bowers, Ian Carr, Cynthia Connelly, Zoe Crawford, Rose Darling, Christopher Dent, Paul Defour, Cheryl Dunn, John Eldridge, Peter James Field, French, Tom Frost, Lucia Griggi, Bob Kronbauer, Neal Miyake, Stewart Plant, Aaron Rose, Ivory Serra, Sam Wall, Lauren Williams