Issue 12

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Stranger Magazine - Issue Twelve - November 2006

Striking out

Art Directed by A-Side Studio
Cover by Peter James Field

Included in this issue:

  • Where's my Hoverboard? - why kids today are being duped and don't even realise
  • Peter James Field strip
  • Men in Black – investigating the nation’s security industry
  • Let's Talk about Sex - director Ed Blum gets graphic about film
  • Rage Against the Machine – photo essay by Nik Strangelove
  • Hot Air - climate change crusaders and politics
  • Hardkandy and Glass Shark interviews
  • Cover to Cover - 'Stand by Me', from three self-proclaimed kings to a warthog and a meercat
  • MTV – what happened to the rock and roll rebellion?
  • Rob Machado interview
  • The Bonzer surfboard – a five finned masterpiece
  • Rubber Soul - the origins and horizons of the wetsuit
  • Folio: Hunter Gatherer
  • The Line of Least Resistance – up in the mountains, remember who’s boss

Contributors include:

Renae Aylett, Oliver Berry, Dan Crockett, Michael Fordham, Luke Friend, Helen Gilchrist, Glyn Griffiths, Clare Howdle, Pete Isaac, Hayley Lawrence, Lotte Mahon, Kingsley Marshall, Chris Nelson, Bertrand Portrat, Pinks, Joe Rorke, Michelle Stiles, Hannah White, Matt Wilkinson

Bethan Algieri, Dawn Brown, Dan Crockett, Hannah Edy, Peter James Field, Zander Grinfield, Clare Howdle, Hunter Gatherer, Ingela Och Vi, Andrew Lewis, Adam Lowe, Rob Machado, Todd St. John, Nik Strangelove,  Von, Sam Wall, Spencer Wilson