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Our mini-magazine, Bait, has been lovingly crafted to Feed your creativity. Take a twisting turning journey of discovery and see what it sparks. Devour creative crumbs leading to Einstein’s storm-thwarted boat. Follow the thread back out to meet a nun who changed the course of modern art. Lose yourself in the adventure… and emerge into a reality more vibrant.

Inspired by Feeding – Stranger Collective's way of keeping its writers creatively nourished – Bait takes in Chinese Whispers, Silly Boys, puppetry, tailspins, word-hacking, popping candy, the Oulipo, Death Cigarettes, The Beatles' reinvention, northern lights adventures, backless monsters, sinister feathers, planting memories, ancient Jinnees and much more in a heady blend of features, flash fiction and interactivity. Take the Bait – you won't regret it.

Concept and content by Stranger Collective

Visual concept and design by Dion StarPaul Ransom and Josie Evans