Strike magazine Issue 9 (in print)

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Our first print issue, Strike #9 is a celebration of the sparks that fly when creative minds meet and conversations set synapses firing.

Revisiting ideas and friends from past issues to find out what’s new, as well as seeking out fresh perspectives and stories to sate our curiosity about the world and where it’s going, this issue looks both backwards and forwards for inspiration. 

Printed by Roots Press in eye-popping two-colour risograph, using soy based ink and with custom illustrations, Strike is not only a stellar read, but also a thing of beauty (even if we do say so ourselves).

There are only 100 copies in this very special limited run. 

Features include:

  • Singer and songwriter Angeline Morrison’s eye-opening insights from writing her award-winning The Sorrow Songs
  • Author Natasha Brown’s investigation of language’s power
  • An exploration of jazz’s yesterday, today and tomorrow 
  • Artist Ellen Paige Leach's deliberate malfunctions
  • Do hyper cities hold the key to a cleaner future?
  • How recycled fuel could change how we travel
  • Data-driven existential dread (and opportunities, perhaps?)

And much more...

Every feature comes with a digital augmentation in the way of a Spark, which takes the story further with audio, visual, filmic and cerebral twists and turns... 


Published by Stranger Collective @strangercollective 

Hazel Beevers, Paul Dicken, Helen Gilchrist, Clare Howdle, Ellie Russell 

Design & art direction:
Ellie Russell, Dion Star 

Nick Radford

Hazel Beevers, Paul Dicken, Helen Gilchrist, Amy Greenough, Clare Howdle, Sravya Raju, Dave Waller 

Hazel Beevers, Meagan Boyd/ Movementt, Elise Brown, James Wallace Black (Library of Congress Prints & Photographs), Clean Ocean Sailing, Paul Dicken, Peach Doble, Helen Gilchrist, Burt Glinn/Magnum Photos, Rachel Hayden, Adam Hill, Matthew Hill, Ellen Paige Leach, Penguin, Ellie Russell, Kamasi Washington, Sunny Wu