Kodachrome: Issue 2

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Produced by Stranger Collective and Cai & Kyn with Kodak – Kodachrome is Kodak's journal of creativity and analog culture.

"From the creative power of limits to the enduring spell of children’s books, unleashing Warhol’s films to the prowess of print news in a post-truth world, crafting special effects to photographing the moon; the second installment of Kodachrome is bursting with stories, conversations and investigations from across the world – and the decades. Share our fascination with creation, craft and inspiration? This journal is for you.

Issue 02 is 96 pages of illuminating features, photography and illustration including:

  • Writer–director–filmmaker Tom Beard on telling the untold
  • Lunar Spectacular: taking photography to the moon, and back
  • Dark Art: developing the art of film at Labyrinth Photographic
  • John Hanhardt on curation, from MoMA to Warhol’s secret film store
  • Craft Movement: exploring the evolution of film’s special effects
  • The Art of Science, The Science of Art: 3D printing’s place in the art world
  • Put on Your Red Dress: tracing the trope of the woman in red
  • Sparking Creativity: striking a connection with matchbox artists across the globe"